Your dreams, Our Hard Work

Megatronix was formed as a robotics club with some handful amount of people. However, since then we have grown at an exponential rate and have stretched our wings not just in robotics but also in various other domains like Coding, Electrical, Civil & Gaming.

Today, we are proud to present the biggest techno-management fest in the eastern India, PARIDHI and we can boast of the fact that we as a team know no bounds. Some of the events that we conduct are:-

  • Paridhi - The inter college Techno Management Fest
  • Tech-Xtra - The intra college Techno Management Fest
  • Hackatronix - Inter college coding competition

Our Work Process

"If you quit on the process, you are quitting on the result."


We have a separate team looking after just the administrative functions of the club so that the planning for all the events are effortless and we have our work cut out for everyone.


We have different domains where members work in their fields of comfort to ensure better and faster results.


Execution of an event in Megatronix is a team work. Different domains come together and work as a team to make any event successful.

What we offer?


Technical/Non Technical

We conduct workshops providing the students a platform to learn.


Events from various domains

With over 50+ events, people can apply their skills and win amazing prizes.

Technical Talks

From distinguised individuals

With supporting talks as a natural lead-in to additional content.

Learning Environment

For the to-be engineers.

We provide a very healthy and friendly environment where people can learn managerial as well as technical skills which are essential not only for career but also for self growth.



Inter college techno-management fest.

Presenting one of the biggest techno-management fest of eastern India every year.


Intra college techno-management fest.

Intra college event, which gives everyone a platform to brushup their skills.